Aaron Vegh

Mac & iOS Developer, Consultant

Hi, I’m Aaron. I'm the nerd you're looking for.

I'm a seasoned developer with 15 years' experience. I am available for hire for Apple platform application development, on iOS, macOS, watchOS or tvOS. My outstanding communication skills and work ethic make me an ideal remote worker: I can work for you no matter where you are. See my consulting and my personal projects.


Penn Entertainment

May 2021-June 2023

Barstool Sportsbook, theScore Bet, theScore Media for iOS

Barstool Sportsbook on iPhone theScore Media on iPhone

As a consultant working with Small Planet, I joined a team of developers based in Philadelphia to work on Barstool Sportsbook. I built a custom video player and helped convert the app to SwiftUI. In August 2022, after Penn purchased Toronto's theScore Media, I joined their team to contribute to theScore Bet as part of the migration effort. Later, I joined the Media app to help develop its chat features.

Here's a letter of recommendation from Small Planet.


March-April 2020

[Redacted] for iOS

[Redacted] on iPhone

I completed this five-week contract to produce an MVP for a startup in the social media space. I picked up the work begun by another iOS developer, and collaborated with a designer and backend developer to put the product into a state where it can be shopped to potential investors.

Warner Bros Digital Labs


DC Universe for iOS

DCU on iPad

As a consultant working with Small Planet, I joined the WBDL team (based in Philadelphia) in the development of DCU, from its launch in September 2018 until the end of 2019. As a team, we sustained a brisk pace in smoothing out the bugs and establishing great new features: video and comic reader improvements; dynamic, promotional mastheads; a new Community forum based on Discourse; offline reading and watching; and much more.

News Corp


The Australian for iOS

The Australian on iPad

I spent three months working with a team of developers from Guadalajara and Ho Chi Minh City to help with a relaunch effort for one of Australia's largest newspapers. I collaborated with the team to do primary development of many of the features of the soon-to-be-released app.

Movies Anywhere


Movies Anywhere for iOS

Movies Anywhere on iPad

In January 2016 I started working on a team at Disney Studios to build Movies Anywhere, a new collaboration between Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox and Universal. Users can bring their existing digital movie purchases from a variety of services into the app and watch on the device of their choice. The app is built in Swift, using GraphQL and Realm. We launched in October 2017.



LumosPOS for iOS

LumosPOS on iPad

Throughout 2015 I worked with LumosPOS to support its ongoing development. I had the pleasure of working with a team of developers and QA professionals as we added features, responded to customer requests and improved the quality of the app. I did a complete rewrite of the network sync and local Core Data store code, but also did some front-end work, including a webstore builder.



TSN Hockey for iOS

TSN Hockey on iPad

During 2014, I helped create this app with The Working Group in Toronto. My role included the majority of the user interface elements of the app, including score views, game details, stats and more. I also worked with remote REST-based web services, consuming JSON to produce the content.

My Apps



QuantumAuthor for macOS


QuantumAuthor is a full-featured application for writing novels and other long-form documents. Its distinguishing feature is a reliance on version control software as the basis of its file format. In the background, QuantumAuthor takes snapshots of the manuscript, allowing writers to navigate their full change history, and create branches to experiment. QuantumAuthor is now in beta. Learn more about QuantumAuthor here.



Argus Menu for macOS

Argus Menu

Argus is a free menu-bar app that provides load information about a user's machines. This app relies on a daemon process called argusd which is installed during setup. Learn more about Argus here.



Codewerks for iPadOS

Codewerks Editor

Codewerks was a three-year effort to build an integrated development environment for iPad, connecting a user-friendly front-end on the iPad to a remote Linux server. I wrote a file manager, code editor, terminal application and preview browser in Swift for the iPad, and wrote the backend software (in Ruby and Go) and built a server farm to run the service. In early 2020 I launched a Kickstarter campaign to guage support for my idea. It failed. Learn more on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Hard G


Hard G for macOS

Hard G

Hard G is a macOS app to help find GIF images using the Giphy API. It sits in the menu bar and allows the user to drag and drop GIFs into a variety of apps, such as Mail and Messages. The app can also save found images as Favorites. The app launched in January 2020. Learn more on the product page.



Magpie for iOS, tvOS and macOS

Magpie on iPad

I launched Magpie in 2015 as an all-purpose way to save videos to watch later, similar to "read later" services. I wrote Magpie in order to optimize its multi-platform capabilities, so it was available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV, while sharing the maximum amount of code. Magpie used CloudKit, an Apple web service technology that makes sync fast and easy.



ThreadOne for macOS


Late in 2013 I worked with my friend Adam Kool (designer) to create ThreadOne, a private message client for the App.Net messaging service. While sales were initially strong, ADN announced they were stopping development of their service, killing sales instantly. I pulled the app from the Mac App Store shortly thereafter.



Tiberius for iOS


I built Tiberius in 2011 for both iPhone and iPad, as a way to have a fun, futuristic "captain's log" style app. Tiberius interacted with a CouchDB remote database, along with Amazon S3 for online video storage. I used In-App Purchases to allow users to buy a month's access to the online sharing and backup features for their videos (though vanishingly few took advantage). I pulled the app from the store in 2013.

Writing & Speaking

Persistence is My Superpower (and it can be yours too)


Aaron at SwiftTO

I gave a talk on August 11, 2023, at SwiftTO. You can read more about it here.

Web Development with the Mac


Web Dev with the Mac

In 2010, I wrote a book about web development. Web Development with the Mac, published by Wiley as part of their "Developer Reference" series, is a complete survey of web development, from running a server, to learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, design, databases and scripting languages like PHP and Ruby on Rails.


McMaster University

Bachelor’s of English and Comparative Literature


Simon Fraser University

Master of Publishing


University of Toronto

Certificate in Information Design