Hi, I’m Aaron.
I'm the nerd you're looking for.

Aaron Vegh

I'm an seasoned developer with 15 years' experience. I am available for hire for iOS, Mac and web application development. My outstanding communication skills and work ethic make me an ideal remote worker: I can work for you no matter where you are.

Programming isn't a job to me: it's my vocation and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about me, and let's build great stuff together.


I've been building websites for 15 years. I taught myself HTML. Then PHP. MySQL. Linux server administration. CSS. Javascript. Ruby and Rails. RESTful APIs, speaking in JSON. I adopt technologies in order to solve problems, and I can pick up new ones very quickly.

I spend most of my spare time doing Cocoa development. I've learned Objective-C and many of the Cocoa frameworks. I have two apps in the iOS App Store, and I have a more ambitious one in development. I love mobile technology, and I believe the iPad, in particular, is the computing platform of the future. It just needs better software.

You can hear me talk about iOS development on Ash Furrow's Springboard podcast.

You want to work with me because I'm more than just another coder; I'm a guy who executes with wisdom and grit. I'm a self-taught developer, with strong opinions on how technology should work. My "get it done" philosophy means you'll be able to count on me to deliver results.


Over the years I've built web applications that included everything from content management systems, to finance approval systems, to social media campaigns and everything in between. As a Mac and iOS developer, I've built apps for clients who cannot be named for confidentiality reasons. I do have two iOS apps on the App Store now, however:

You want to work with me because I have a strong product focus, and I believe in shipping polished finished product. By myself I'm capable of delivering fully-realized products. But I can also bring in or work with other talents, including designers and developers.


Tiberius is a futuristic personal log recorder. Featuring a custom UI, it interacts with a custom built web service as well as Amazon S3 for file storage.


Code is an HTML source code viewer. It leverages URL schemes on iOS to open web pages from Safari, providing syntax highlighting and search.


Web Development with the Mac

I couldn't say no to a terrific opportunity: I wrote a book about web development. We’re not talking NYT Bestseller territory here, but the book has garnered some respectable reviews. My hope is that it provides a grounding for those who are interested in learning to develop websites, and gives them the confidence they need to take the next step.

I've also been blogging intermittently for over five years. I like the opportunity to either give out information that I've discovered, or bloviate on some technical issue. It's something I wish I could find the time to do more often.

You want to work with me because you need someone who can articulate his thoughts, the better to communicate with you and the world at large. I believe in clear, simple communication. Ordered thoughts, executed with the occassional witty rejoinder.

Ready to Talk? Get in Touch.

You can call me at 647 477 2690
You can email me at aaron@innoveghtive.com.

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